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The commands provide operations and functions that help manage the server.


The AdminPassword must be set in the configuration file beforehand in order to execute the command.
You will also need to run the command /AdminPassword <password you set> within the game to gain administrative privileges once the configuration is complete.

How to exec command

To execute a command from within the game, press Enter and type the command.

Command list

/AdminPasswordObtain administrative privileges using a password.
/Shutdown [Seconds] [MessageText]Shutdown the server.
If [Seconds] is specified, the server will shut down after the specified time has elapsed.
The server participant will be notified of what you have entered in [MessageText].
/DoExitForce stop the server.
/Broadcast <MessageText>Send message to all player in the server.
/KickPlayer <SteamID>Kick player <SteamID> from the server.
/BanPlayer <SteamID>Ban player <SteamID> from the server.
/TeleportToPlayer <SteamID>Teleport to <SteamID>.
/TeleportToMe <SteamID>Player <SteamID> is teleport to me.
/ShowPlayersShow information on all connected players.
/InfoShow server information.
/SaveSave the world data.
/UnBanPlayer <SteamID>Unban player <SteamID> from the server.