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Configuration file

On this page, you can learn about server settings, game balance settings, and other items that can be set with ini files.

Location of configuration file

Configuration file should be located at the following location
Note that the directories will only create once the server has been started.

Copy the default configuration file and use that.

Copy default settings
Copy-Item steamapps\common\PalServer\DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini steamapps\common\PalServer\Pal\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\PalWorldSettings.ini

Edit steamapps\common\PalServer\Pal\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\PalWorldSettings.ini to change settings.

Note that editing DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini will not affect the changes.


The settings for each parameter are as follows.
*Note that there are reserved for future updates and deprecated parameter.

DayTimeSpeedRateDay time speed
NightTimeSpeedRateNight time speed
ExpRateEXP rate
PalCaptureRatePal capture rate
PalSpawnNumRatePal Appearance Rate *Note: Affects game performance
PalDamageRateAttackDamage from Pals Multiplier
PalDamageRateDefenseDamage to Pals Multiplier
PlayerDamageRateAttackDamage from Player Multiplier
PlayerDamageRateDefenseDamage to Player Multiplier
PlayerStomachDecreaceRatePlayer Hunger Depletion Rate
PlayerStaminaDecreaceRatePlayer Stamina Reduction Rate
PlayerAutoHPRegeneRatePlayer Auto Health Regeneration Rate
PlayerAutoHpRegeneRateInSleepPlayer Sleep Health Regeneration Rate
PalStomachDecreaceRatePal Hunger Depletion Rate
PalStaminaDecreaceRatePal Stamina Reduction Rate
PalAutoHPRegeneRatePal Auto Health Regeneration Rate
PalAutoHpRegeneRateInSleepPal Sleep Health Regeneration Rate (Health Regeneration Rate in Palbox)
BuildObjectDamageRateDamage to Structure Multiplier
BuildObjectDeteriorationDamageRateStructure Deterioration Rate
CollectionDropRateGatherable Items Multiplier
CollectionObjectHpRateGatherable Objects Health Multiplier
CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedRateGatherable Objects Respawn Interval
EnemyDropItemRateDropped Items Multiplier
DeathPenaltyDeath Penalty
None : No drops, Item : Drop all items except equipment, ItemAndEquipment : Drop all items, All : Drop all items and all Pals on team
bEnableInvaderEnemyEnable Invader
GuildPlayerMaxNumMax Player Number of Guilds
PalEggDefaultHatchingTimeTime (h) to incubate Massive Egg. Note: Other eggs also require time to incubate.
ServerPlayerMaxNumMaximum number of players that can join the server
ServerNameServer name
ServerDescriptionServer description
AdminPasswordPassword used to obtain administrative privileges on the server.
ServerPasswordPassword required for server login
PublicPortExplicitly specify the external public port in the community server configuration.(This setting does not change the server's listen port.)
PublicIPExplicitly specify an external public IP in the community server settings
RCONEnabledEnable RCON
RCONPortPort Number for RCON
bShowPlayerListEnable player list when the press ESC key
BaseCampWorkerMaxNumMax pals per basecamp(MAX 20)
RESTAPIPortListen port for REST API
bIsUseBackupSaveDataEnable world backup
Disk load will be increase when enabled
LogFormatTypeLog format Text or Json
AllowConnectPlatform!!Doesn't work this version!!

About bIsUseBackupSaveData

Create backup directory in save data directory when enabled this parameter.

Backup interval is

  • 5 save data per 30 sec
  • 6 save data per 10 min
  • 12 save data per 1 hour
  • 7 save data per 1 day