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On this page, you can learn how to remotely manage your server using RCON.


RCON must be enabled using a configuration file.
Also, if necessary, change the RCON port number from the default 25575.

How to use RCON

Connect using the RCON client.
For detailed usage instructions, check the documentation of the RCON client you are using.

About access to the API

These APIs are not designed to be exposed directly to the Internet. Publishing directly to the Internet may result in unauthorized manipulation of the server, which may interfere with play.
It is recommended that they be used within the LAN.


About multi-byte characters in usernames (letters)

We have confirmed an issue where if a player's name contains multi-byte characters (letters), the letters following these will be missing. We plan to fix the issue where strings are missing. Additionally, it is difficult to support multi-byte characters at an early stage due to RCON compatibility, so if you need to support multi-byte characters. you can use REST API.

Note: multi-byte characters are letters and text frequently used in Japanese and Chinese. This does not affect any English names.